Lecture 23 - Prison Epistles

Lecture 23 - Prison Epistles - Lecture XX I I I: P r ison...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture XX I I I: P r ison Epistles Int roduction o o Halusis chains Praetorian Guard Ephesians o Int roduction o Tychicus bearer/interpreter of the Ephesian epistle Important ideas Life in the Spirit Chapter 1 Life in the grace of God Chapter 2 Life in the Church Chapter 3 Life Together Chapter 4 Ethical implications Chapters 5 and 6 Philippians o Int roduction o Epaphroditus Important ideas Living life worthy of the gospel Chapter 1 The doctrine of Christology Chapter 2 Kenosis Christ becoming man; li terally emptying Exhortations against heresy Chapter 3 Ethical implications Chapter 4 Euodia and Syntyche two women important to Paul Philemon Colossians o Int roduction o Epaphras bearer of Colossian epistle Important ideas Nympha church met in her house o Gnosticism In t roduction Gnosis "knowledge" saved by divine enlightenment Syncretisitic Pre-Christian New Testament incipient Gnosticism Doctrine of creation Theory of Emanation o Aeons o Demiurge Farthest removed emanation; created the material world Doctrine of redemption By divine enlightenment Doctrine of Christ Adoptionism God adopted Jesus into the Godhead for the purpose of redemption; denial of the divinity of Jesus Docetism only appearing to be human; denial of the humanity of Jesus Doctrine of ethics Asceticism living like a monk Libertinism living without regard for the law ...
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Lecture 23 - Prison Epistles - Lecture XX I I I: P r ison...

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