(9-4-06) - Anthropology Notes (8/30/06) Cultural...

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Anthropology Notes (8/30/06) Cultural Anthropology: Study of human societies, their belief systems, their cultural adaptations, and their social behaviors Urban Anthropology Medical Anthropology Demographics Archeology: The recovery, analysis, and interpretation of material culture from past civilizations Geology Botany Paleontology Linguistics: The study of languages historical linguistics- origins of a language sociolinguistics- social uses of a language salvage linguistics- recording dying languages Biological Anthropology: The study of human evolution, biological variation, and adaptation *forensics *human growth and adaptation *paleontology *primatology *genetics Applied Anthropology: Solve a problem I the context of the culture in which it exists. - utilizes more than one area of anthropology
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(9-4-06) - Anthropology Notes (8/30/06) Cultural...

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