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Managerial Accounting HADM 221 Spring 2007 Professor: Gordon Potter 438 Statler Hall Phone: 255-8061 Email: [email protected] Administrative Assistant: Ellen Fitchette 435 Statler Hall Phone: 255-9815 Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Office Hours are held in either Statler 431, 439, or 444 Dewey Bellows [email protected] James Vosburgh [email protected] Namir Chowdhury [email protected] Eliza Kursh [email protected] Judith Kong [email protected] Heather Davidson [email protected] Class Times: Lecture 1 8:40-9:55 a.m. T, Th Statler 398 Lecture 2 10:10-11:25 a.m. T, Th Statler 398 Text: Managerial Accounting by Potter, Morse, Davis and Hartgraves, Cambridge Business Publishers, 2006, 4th Edition. Copies in library. Course Overview: Accounting is the discipline charged with measuring and reporting business information. Financial accounting is concerned with information that is provided to external parties for the purposes of assessing investment opportunities and resolving contracts. Managerial accounting is concerned with information that will be used by managers within the organization for performance measurement, coordination and control of activities, and product and service costing.
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