Study Guide #1 - 1. 3. The Sub Disciplines of Anthropology-...

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1. The Sub Disciplines of Anthropology - sociology, economics, history, psychology, and biology 2. Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics - 3. Charles Lyell - (1797-1857) mentor to Charles Darwin, proved/invented uniformitarianism which states that while the things on the earth’s surface changed (plants, climate, animals, and land surfaces), the elements that influence them are constant (wind, water, erosion, flooding, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.) 4. Thomas Malthus - (1766-1834) wrote essay The Principles of Populations, which wrote that human populations can double over 25 years but food supply can’t 5. George Culvier - (1769-1832) extinction through fossils, catastrophist (earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions) 6. George Mendel - Born in Czech 1822, monk at monastery in Brunn, botany, physics, math, hybrids, no laws govern hybrid production, formed model experiment 7. Achondroplasia Dwarfism - caused by a change in one chemical base, 1 in 100,000 live births, average sized body trunk, shortened limbs, 80% born to average sized parents, once inherited it can be passed on 8. Chemical Bases of DNA and RNA - 9. RNA - ribonucleic acid, a molecule that is similar in structure to DNA, several kinds, single- stranded, ex. messenger RNA, transfer RNA, ribosomal RNA 10. Nucleotide - basic units of the DNA molecule, composed of sugar, phosphate, and 1 of 4 DNA bases 11. Gene - a sequence of DNA bases that specifies the order of amino acids in an entire protein, a portion of protein, or any functional product. May be made of hundreds or thousands of DNA bases organized into coding and noncoding segments (coding makes protein; noncoding doesn’t) 12. Codon - triplets of messenger RNA bases that code for specific amino acids during protein synthesis 13. Phenotype - the observation or detectable physical characteristics of an organism; the detectable
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Study Guide #1 - 1. 3. The Sub Disciplines of Anthropology-...

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