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(9-6-06) Evolutionary Theory

(9-6-06) Evolutionary Theory - -Catastrophist o Earthquakes...

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Anthropology 101 Evolutionary Theory Anaximander - 611-547 BC - Humans arose from other life form George Louis Leclerc - aka Comte de Buffon - 1707-1778 - Keeper of the King’s gardens - Zoo Keeper - Species are influenced by their environment - Fixity of species - Proposed uniformitarianism 40 years before Lyell Erasmus Darwin - 1731-1802 - Weather monitoring machines - Grandfather of Charles Darwin - Wrote Zoonomia Jean-Baptiste Lamarck - 1744-1829 - Studied vertebras (worms) - First to attempt to explain forces behind evolution - Organism change when environmental forces change - Inheritance of acquired characteristics George Cuvier - 1769-1832 - Introduced the concept of extinction through fossils
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Unformatted text preview: -Catastrophist o Earthquakes o Storms o Volcanic Eruptions Thomas Malthus-1766-1834-Wrote an essay on The Principles of Populations-Human population can double every 25 years but the food supply can’t Charles Lyell-1797-1875-Uniformitarianism-Mentor to Charles Darwin Mary Anning-1799-1847-1 of 2 surviving children (out of 10)-Father taught her how to fossil hunt (he died when she was 10)-First to discover Ichthyosaur Charles Darwin-1809-1882-Botany, geology, and zoology-HMS Beagle 1831-1836-Published essay in 1842-Co-published with Wallace in 1858-On the Origin of Species in 1859...
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