(9-11-06) Evolutionary Theory contd..

(9-11-06) Evolutionary Theory contd.. - o First discovered...

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Evolutionary Theory Continued Darwin’s Interests - Comparative anatomy - Embryology - Vestigial organs (don’t need i.e. appendix, wisdom teeth) - Geological and Paleontological records - Geographic distribution of life - Domesticated plants and animals Alfred Russell Wallace - 1823-1913 - 4 years in Amazon (found differences in butterflies, primates- lost it all) - 8 years in Malaysian Archipelegos Prokaryotic Cells - 3.7 BYA - No nuclear membrane - Simple internal structure - Largest group of organisms - Staphylococcus - Escherichia coli (E coli) Eukaryotic Cells - 1.5 BYA - Multi-celled organisms - Protein - Lipids - Carbohydrates - Nucleic acids - Somatic cells o Components of body tissue o Constantly renewed via mitosis o Contains organelles Mitochondria Ribosomes - Gametes o Aka sex cells o Reproduced via meiosis o Sole purpose to unite with another gamete and produce offspring Ova- female Spermw- male Nucleic Acids- DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid
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Unformatted text preview: o First discovered in 1869 by Miescher o Photographed by Rosalind Franklin (1920-1958) o 1944 Watson, Crick and Wilkes published 10 year study o 1962 Nobel Prize DNA-Found in the nucleus of the cell-Comprised of 4 chemical bases o Adenine o Thymine o Cytosine o Guanine-Arranged in a double helix form-The only molecule that can make an extract copy of itself-Supports of the ladder are comprised of sugar and phosphate-Rungs of the ladder are comprised of the 4 chemical bases A&T C&G-Chemical bases make up the code that determines the form of an organism-Codons- 3 chemical bases in a row o Code for amino acid o Amino acid make protein o Proteins- main component of biological structures Human Chromosomes-Autosomes o 22 pairs o General body structure-Sex chromosomes o 1 pair o Determine sex XX- female (varies) XY- male...
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(9-11-06) Evolutionary Theory contd.. - o First discovered...

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