(9-20-06) Mutations

(9-20-06) Mutations - Point Mutation-original string o the...

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Mutations - occur during chromosomes replication - can be caused by exposure to radiation or chemicals - during gamete production Mutations - occur at one point on the chromosome - Missense- codes for different amino acids - Nonsense- code for a stop that can truncate a protein - Silent Mutation- codes for the same amino acids Sickle Cell Anemia - point mutation in beta hemoglobin gene - GAC is converted to GTC - Encodes for amino acid Valene, rather than Glutamic acid
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Unformatted text preview: Point Mutation-original string o the cat saw the rat-addition o the rca tsa with era t-deletion o the ats awt her at-Substitution o The cat saw the bat Chromosomal Mutation-entire chromosome added or deleted-large portion of the chromosome changed William’s Syndrome-rare genetic condition-1 in 20000-recognized in 1961-deletion of a portion of the seventh chromosome-50% chance of passing the trait to offspring...
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