(9-27-06) Genetic Markers

(9-27-06) Genetic Markers - o Shorter limbs in colder...

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Genetic Markers - Traits whose genetic causation are known and which can be used in the study of populations o Not always visible to the observer o Can be used to distinguish different population o Frequencies in genes vary from one population to another Tay Sachs disease in Eastern European Jews and Cajun populations Adaptability - the range of physiological and anatomical changes and adjustments allowed by a species - high altitude o hypoxia- reduced O2 o body compensates by increasing respiration and heart rate Response to Heat/Cold - sweating o cools body via evaporation - vasodilation o expansion of blood vessels permitting increased blood flow - vasoconstriction o blood constrict to conserve body heat Alan’s Rule - 1877 Joel Allen o Length of arms and legs has an effect on amount of heat lost to the surrounding environment o Longer limbs near equator
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Unformatted text preview: o Shorter limbs in colder environments Bergmann’s Rule-1874 Carl Bergmann o There are less massive species of warm blooded animals living near the equator o Greater bulk found in colder regions o Big animals have larger body mass results in more heat being produced Skin Color-Carotene o Turn orange (carrots)-Hemoglobin o Red cheeks-melanin o produced by melanocytes specialized cells approx. same number of melanocytes in all humans produced of melanin is a polygenic trait ABo Blood Groups-four blood types in this system o A o B o AB o o Codominance-A and B are co-dominant-When both are inherited, both are expressed-o is recessive-What are the possible genotypes of type A and B blood Genotypes-AA-Ao-BB-Bo-AB-oo A x B X A o B AB Bo o Ao oo...
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(9-27-06) Genetic Markers - o Shorter limbs in colder...

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