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(10-9-06) - Barchiation o Arm over arm swinging(gibbons and...

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Primate Characteristics (10-9-06) Parenting Increased parental investment in offspring Lower infant mortality rate Lower number of offspring born at once Longer period of gestation Longer period of development Locomotion Quadrupedal o Walking on hands and feet Terrestrial o Branch running (mandrills and most other monkeys) Vertical clinging and leaping o Upright posture (sifaka and tarsiers)
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Unformatted text preview: Barchiation o Arm over arm swinging (gibbons and siamangs) Quadrumanual o Use both hands and feet (orangutans) Knuckle walking o Weight is put on knuckles rather than flat hands (gorillas and chimps) Bipedal o Walking on two legs o Humans are fully bipedal; gorillas, chimps, and others use it occasionally...
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