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(10-11-06) Generalized Dentition - incisors (broad wide front teeth for soft foods) 2 - Canines (ripping and shredding, or fighting) 1 - Premolars/bicuspids (start to grind food) 2 - Molars (gring food) 3 o (including wisdom teeth) in half of the top / bottom (in humans) Habitat - Arboreal vs. Terrestrial (New world = Arboreal and Old World = Terrestrial) - Tropical vs. Temperate (most in tropical) - Diurnal vs. Nocturnal (all but 1 new world monkey are Diurnal) Primates - Prosimiams o Solitary o Nocturnal o Foragers o Lemurs, Lorises, Tarsier, Galagos
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Unformatted text preview: -Anthropoids o Larger than prosimiams (generally) o Diurnal o Social Groups o Monkeys, Apes, Humans Prosimian-Forward facing eyes, as in all primates-Dental comb (brush furwith dental comb)-Rhinarium (fleshy, moist nose, like that of a dog)-Toilet claw (helps to groom)-Nocturnal-Diurnal-Insectivores-Folivore-Lemurs o Madagascar, Noc and Di, solitary or troops, insectivores or foragers o Lorises, Bush Baby, Tarsiers o Pros or Anthro, can’t move eyes, noc, insectivores...
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