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New World Monkeys Platyrrhines - more primitive than old world monkeys - curved nails (not flat) - comma shaped nostrils - dentition - strictly arboreal Callitrichidae - marmosets - tamarins - smallest of the monkeys Cebidae - Prehensive tails - Saki monkey - Night owl monkey - Capuchins Atelidae - howler o modified hyoid bone - spider monkeys
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Unformatted text preview: -wooly spider monkeys-prehensile tails Old World Monkeys (Africa, Europe, Asia) Catatthine-cercopithecine-cheek pouch monkeys-guenons-baboons-macaques-patas Catarrhine-colobine-leaf eating monkeys-stomach with sacs-natal coat-ischial callosities (butt pads)-colobus-langurs-proboscis...
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