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(10-23-06) - o Sagittal crest supraorbital tori • Common...

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Apes (10-23-06) Characteristics Orangutans o 2 subspecies – Bornean and Sumatran o Females weigh 100-150 lbs / Males weigh 150-200 lbs o Life span 50+ years (in captivity) o Quadrumanous locomotion o Omnivorous diet – including meat o Males have large cheeks (Laryngeal air sacs) o Juvenile males arrest maturation (to fly under radar of older males) o Solitary female/offspring Gorillas o 3 subspecies – 2 lowland/ 1 mountain o females 175 lbs / males 375 lbs o Uni-male / multi-male social org. o Ratio of females to males 3:1 o Group size average 10 o Knuckle walking locomotion
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Unformatted text preview: o Sagittal crest / supraorbital tori • Common Chimps o 3 subspecies very similar in appearances o females 100 lbs / males 130 lbs o life span 50+ years o community size 20+ o omnivorous diet o practice cooperative hunting o tool manufacturing and use o capable of communication in lab tests • Pygmy Chimps AKA Bonobo o More linear than common o Females 70 lbs / males 100 lbs o Life span 40 years o Community size 10+ o Social structure fission-fusion multi-male and multi-female o Utilize sexual contact to reduce stress...
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