(10-25-06) - Female and Several...

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(10-25-06) Social Groups - solitary female and offspring aka Noyau - female and offspring - males solitary - orangutans Monogamous Group - male and female and immature offspring - offspring leave when mature - siamangs, gibbons, and marmosets Harem Groups - one male and several females and offspring - male protects female from predators and other males - alpha male and fringe males - gorillas, baboons, geladas Ranking - alpha=dominant - access to o sleeping o sex o food o protection/protector o displacement Multi Male/ Multi Female - several males and several females and the offspring - macaques and gorillas - females leave the group if father is dominant
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Unformatted text preview: Female and Several Males-polyandrous-marmosets-males help caring for offspring Fission/ Fusion-group comes together or splits apart according to resources-chimpanzees, bonobos Primates and Communication-open vs. closed language system o alarm calls in vervets o human language-sign language-lexigram- keyboard system-verbal communication Primates and Intelligence-Prodoculture o Imo the Japanese Macaque o Tool use in Chimps and orangutans o Problem solving capability in many primates o Communicative abilities...
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(10-25-06) - Female and Several...

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