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Unformatted text preview: Example (Project Charter) Project Charter for JWD Consulting Ltd. Project Title: Project Management Intranet Site Project Project Start Date: May 2 Projected Finish Date: November 4 Budget Information: The firm has allocated $140,000 for this project. The majority of costs for this project will be internal labour. An initial estimate provides a total of 80 hours per week. Project Manager: Erica Bell, (310) 555-5896, [email protected] Project Objectives: Develop a new capability accessible on JWD Consulting's intranet site to help internal consultants and external customers manage projects more effectively. The intranet site will include several templates and tools that users can download, examples of completed templates and related project management documents used on real projects, important articles related to recent project management topics, an article retrieval service, links to other sites with useful information, and an "Ask the Expert" feature, where users can post questions about their projects and receive advice from experts in the field. Some parts of the intranet site will be accessible free to the public, other parts will only be accessible to current customers and internal consultants, and other parts will be accessible for a fee. Main Project Success Criteria: The project should pay for itself within one year of completion. Approach: • Develop a survey to determine critical features of the new intranet site and solicit input from consultants and customers. • Review internal and external templates and examples of project management documents. • Research software to provide security, manage user inputs, and facilitate the article retrieval and "Ask the Expert" features. • Develop the intranet site using an iterative approach, soliciting a great deal of user feedback. • Determine a way to measure the value of the intranet site in terms of reduced costs and new revenues, both during the project and one year after project completion. Roles and responsibility: Name Role Joe Fleming Sponsor Position JWD Consulting, CEO Erica Bell Project Manager JWD Consulting, manager Michael Chen Team Member JWD Consulting, senior consultant Jessie Faue Team Member JWD Consulting, consultant Kevin Dodge Team Member JWD Consulting, IT department Cindy Dawson Team Member JWD Consulting, IT department Kim Phuong Advisor Client representative Page Miller Advisor Client representative Name Role Position Contact Information Contact Information [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Example (Project Charter) Sign-Off: (Signatures of all the above stakeholders) Comments: (Handwritten or typed comments from above stakeholders, if applicable) (Source: Schwalbe, Kathy. Information technology project management. Cengage Learning, 2013.) ...
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