(11-6-06) - (11-6-06) Preserving Organisms Ways of...

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(11-6-06) Preserving Organisms Ways of Preserving Organisms - covering body quickly o mudslides Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. St. Helens o stagnant water Lucy bog people o ash volcanic eruption o ice ice man in Italy/ Switzerland o mummification soft tissues preserved intentional Egyptian mummies South America unintentional Lemon Grove Women Bog People - 1952 discovered in Denmark - also found in Ireland, England, Germany - some were 8000 years old - sacrifice or punishment Lucy - Australopithecus afarensis - oldest, most complete skeleton - probably died in stagnant water Ice Man - found in the Alps of Italy - 5200 years old - projectile point near scapula - tattooed Egyptian Mummies - Egyptian museum- Cairo - displays many mummies - many more than 3000 years old Lemon Grove Girl - found in 1966 - Chihuahua Mexico - Teens brought her across the border - Stored in a garage, in Lemon Grove, CA - A.D. 1040-1260 Australopithecus anamensis - 4.2-3.0 mybp - First discovered in Kanapoi, Kenya by Bryan Patterson in 1963
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(11-6-06) - (11-6-06) Preserving Organisms Ways of...

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