(11-15-06) - 11-15-06 Homo rudolfensis 2.4-1.6 mybp...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-15-06 Homo rudolfensis 2.4-1.6 mybp 752-810cc Koobi Fora, Kenya discovered by Alexeev 1972 coexisted with Homo habilis height- 4'9"-5'0" weight- 112-132 lbs dentition- molars smaller, front teeth larger small brown ridges and rounder occipital bone Homo habilis 2.0-1.5 mybp Olduvai Gorge, Kenya distribution East and South Africa 590-710cc discovered by Team Leakey 1960 "Handy Man" - height- 4'2"-5'2" - weight- 70-114 lbs - somewhat Prognathic face, large brow ridge, longer arms and shorter legs than modern humans Complete Phylogeny - Family Tree Homo ergaster 2.0-1.5 mybp Lake Turkana, Kenya 850-900cc discovered by Groves & Mazak 1984 height- 5'3"-6'0" weight- 145 lbs Turkana (Nariokotome) youth o most complete hominid skeleton ever found o dated to 1.5 mybp o young boy approximately 12 years old - Homo erectus - 2.0 mya- 27 kya (est.) - discovered in Java by Eugene Dubois 1891 First Hominid to move out of Africa found in Asia by 1.9 mya height- 5'6" weight- 150 lbs 750-1250cc dentition- reduced molars and premolars used fire cooked food 800-100 kybp Europe, Asia, Africa primary site Mauer Germany 1100-1450cc analyzed by Shotensack 1907 height- 4'9"-6'1" weight- 110-165 lbs evidence of hunting Homo antecessor - - robust body smaller and separate brows higher cranial vault less prognathic face 225-28 kybp Europe, Western Asia 1250-1750cc Johann Fuhlrott, 1856 in Neander Valley, Germany height- 4'9"-5'6" weight- 110-165 lbs large nose modern hyoid bone robust, stocky physique 95-13 kybp Flores Island, Indonesia Brown & Morwood, 2003 a 30 year old female measured o height- 3'0" o weight- 55 lbs o 380cc o "Hobbit" Homo neanderthalensis - Homo floresiensis ...
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(11-15-06) - 11-15-06 Homo rudolfensis 2.4-1.6 mybp...

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