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(11-29-06) - Bubonic Plague Infectious Disease-caused by...

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(11-29-06) Nutritional Adaptations - thrifty genotype o adaptation of storing excess calories o excess is then burned off during times of famine or scarcity of food Human Population - growth estimates show that the population should grow to 10.8 billion in 2150 - total fertility rate o average number of children surviving to adulthood/woman o current world rate is 3.3 o future rate could drop to an estimated 1.7 Epidemiology - the study of diseases 10,000 years ago began to domesticate plants and animals goats were probably one of the first domesticated stock - Terms o Zoonose- disease spread by animals rabies West Nile virus o vector- transmitting agent for disease contaminated food or water grocery cart handles o communicable- contagious degrees of communicability o endemic- always present in population strep throat STD o epidemic- rapid spreading, prevalent disease annual influenza o pandemic- spread over a wide geographic location
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Unformatted text preview: Bubonic Plague Infectious Disease-caused by micro-organisms o bacteria treated with antibiotics o virus treated with antiviral medication (Tamiflu) o fungus antifungal medication o parasites treatable with various medications to kill the organisms Top 10 Infectious Causes of Death 1. influenza o 3.7 million deaths o caused by a virus o death usually by secondary infection and pneumonia o “Spanish Flu” 1918 20-40 million deaths o “Asian Flu” 1957 70,000 deaths in U.S. o “Hong Kong Flu” 1968-69 33,000 deaths in U.S. 2. Tuberculosis o 2.9 million deaths 3. Cholera o 2.5 million deaths 4. AIDS o 2.3 million deaths 5. Malaria o 1.5-2.7 million deaths 6. Measles o 960,000 deaths 7. Hepatitis B o 605,000 deaths 8. Bordatella/ Pertusis o 410,00deaths 9. Tetanus o 275,000 deaths 10. Dengue/ hemorraghic o 144,000 deaths...
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(11-29-06) - Bubonic Plague Infectious Disease-caused by...

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