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Lyman Beecher—the carnal mind is enmity (hostility) against god. Frances Wright—the only guide to truth was “experience crystallized into science.” Lyman Beecher—expressed Beecher’s fears that freethinkers were bringing the US to the later phases of the French Revolution. Sylvester Graham—believed that the vital functions of life depend on the nervous system, and a man needed to be protected from the excitement of sexual intercourse. Frances Wright—insisted that the true regulator of sexual passion was a person’s knowledge of its consequences, not law or custom. Thomas Nichols and Mary Gove—children born in the attraction and passion of a mutual love will be strong and healthy; and thus freedom will soon give vigor to the race. Robert Owen—anticipated the argument that any effort to interfere with conception is unnatural, answered that as with other impulses, nature gave to humans both sexual desire and the capacity to control such impulses.
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Unformatted text preview: Charles Knowlton—philosophically minded physician. Lorenzo Fowler—Physical love arose from the appreciation of physical qualities, and the enjoyment of a physical union. Perfect love is a union of physical, mental, and spiritual love. Orson Fowler—helped express love to one another. Frederick Hollick—sex should be used as a means of having children alone. Thomas Nichols— to satisfy passions and have children. Disagreed with Hollick, in that women should be able to choose whether or not to have children. Sylvester Graham—It was a sin against nature, and was self pollution. Mary Gove—Harmed individuals morally and physically. Agreed with Graham that it was usually learned in schools. William Alcott—believed teaching boys about sex was a good idea, but restraint was necessary, along with abstinence. Lorenzo Fowler—bad to teach children about sex....
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