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short paper 2 - AFRE 338 French Cinema and Society Short...

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AFRE 338 – French Cinema and Society Short Paper 2 Topic 1: Cinematic Style and Moral Redemption in Life of Jesus and The Child Dumont’s Life of Jesus and Dardenne brothers’ The Child , both show the audience a piece of the real world and social marginality through the actions of their mundane main characters. Freddy from the Life of Jesus and Bruno from The Child are both young men from small economically depressed areas with not much going for them, who commit unforgivable crimes and seem to show signs of remorse. Both movies do a great job of making the viewer sympathize with their characters through both similar and different cinematic and narrative techniques. These techniques leave the viewer with very different impressions of the characters. The viewer will find themselves feeling more sympathetic for Bruno due to the Dardenne brothers’ style of filming, and it also seems more likely that Bruno will reform compared to Freddy even though Freddy’s social marginality is more compelling. The Dardenne brothers do a great job of implementing different camera techniques in The Child , giving the audience a greater insight into the characters. Their use of a hand-held camera, close framing and tracking, their use of ambient light and sound, all help maintain an intimate proximity to the characters. The cinematography of The Child helps us to view the relationship of Bruno and Sonia, through individual or two and three person shots as well as sequence shots, such as the scene where Bruno and Sonia are running around and wrestling in the park. It shows the playful relationship the pair shares and how immature they are although they both have a newborn son to care for. The Dardenne brothers also due a great job of giving
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the film a realistic and gritty feel to it by using natural lighting, scenes ,and sounds; and with no background music the viewer is forced to cling to every action of the characters. Bruno Dumont’s
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short paper 2 - AFRE 338 French Cinema and Society Short...

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