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Sensation / Perception / Consciousness Sensation : the process that detects stimuli from the environment. Perception : the process that organizes sensations into meaningful wholes. Absolute Threshold : the minimum amount of a stimulation that an individual can detect through a given sense. Difference Threshold : the minimum change in stimulation that can be detected. Signal Detection Theory : the theory that the detection of a stimulus depends on both the intensity of the stimulus and the physical and psychological state of the individual. Subliminal Perception : the unconscious perception of stimuli that are too weak to exceed the absolute threshold for detection. Visual Transduction : the process by which light initiates a nerve impulse. Parts Of Eye: Rods : receptor cells in retina for night vision and peripheral vision. Cones : receptor cells in retina for daylight vision and color vision. Trichromatic Theory
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psy100SensationPerception - Sensation Perception...

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