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1800Pictures&Notes - Altes Musem Berlin Germany The...

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Altes Musem Berlin, Germany The building uses the Greek Stoa in Athens as a model. The museum uses the Ionic Order to articulate the front, which is the only part of the exterior with any visual sign of the Orders; the other three remaining facades are of brick and stone banding. The body of the building is raised on a plinth, giving the building a greater stature as well as preventing the risk of damage to the artwork from damp or flooding, for which the island was renowned. The Spree river from which the island protrudes was actually reconfigured by the architect, in order to allow enough ground space for the museum to be built. Necessary roadway changes, bridge expansions, and canals were introduced around the same time as the Altes Museum construction. The original dome was an exact hemisphere, modeled on the Roman Pantheon . It was made invisible to the exterior observer because of the museum's proximity to the Berlin Cathedral ; the museum was not meant to compete with the cathedral's dome. Ionic columns shows austere and rigorous interpretation of Classicalism Culture and discipline Restraint, order, form, discipline, reason, enlightment
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Barriere de la Villette Just prior to the French Revolution of 1789, Ledoux designed a series of
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1800Pictures&Notes - Altes Musem Berlin Germany The...

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