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Final Exam Essays Essay Question #1 The Roman civilization started in the 8 Th century B.C. and it collapsed in the 4 th century A. D. During this period, the Roman civilization is broken down into three time periods. The first being the Roman Kingdom (8 th century B.C.-509 B.C.), the second was called the Roman Republic (509 B.C.-31 B.C.), and finally the third being the Roman Empire (31 B.C.-4 th century A.D.). During all three periods Roman expanded its lands at one point or another, but most of their expansion took place doing the Roman Republic. This expansion included many great territories all over Europe and parts of Asia. When the Roman Kingdom ended in 509 B.C., Rome was still not the mighty power it is known for being today. When the Roman Kingdom had ended Rome was not much more then a group of tribes and territories. But, even though Rome was small, it was very successful in expanding its country due to a few reasons. For instance, when Rome had seen how successful the Greek hoplites were, they decided to adopt that style of infantry. Another main reason is, unlike other civilizations, the Romans glorified military conquest. To the Romans to join the military and fight for your country was one of the greatest achievements for any Roman male. Also, Rome had built a great number of roads all over. By the end of the Republic, Romans had built over 240,000 miles of roads. These roads allowed for the Roman army to get around much quicker. This allowed them to get to an area that they needed to attack or defend much quicker. The most famous Roman road is called Via Appia. It was built in 312 B.C. and it went from Rome to south Capua. In 509 B.C., the period of the Roman Republic started. During
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this period Rome expanded greatly.
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finalpaper1 - Final Exam Essays Essay Question#1 The Roman...

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