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Final Exam Essay Question #2 Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world today. The birth of Christianity Dates all the way back to the death of Jesus Christ. When Jesus Christ was crucified, it marked the end of the B.C. era and the beginning of the A.D. era. This was not the only change that took place. The birth of Christianity also took place. But, in the beginning things were not easy for the Christians. Many people not only believed differently from them, but they also hated Christians to the point were they would kill them. Later, however due to a few key factors the Christian Church became the most powerful institution in all of Europe. These factors included wealth, control of education, perceived papal powers, and Donation of Constantine. In the beginning of Christianity, there was lots of hate towards the Christian people and their beliefs. Lots of hate came from Romans. Many Roman leaders actually hated the Christians. For example, the first Roman emperor to exile the Christian community from Rome was Claudius who was in power from 41 A.D.- 54A.D. In 64 A.D. there was a large fire that destroyed a lot of Rome. This fire was started by Nero who was in power from 54 A.D.-68 A.D. To stay on the good side of the Roman people Nero just simply blamed the fire on the Christians. Nero was one of the worst leaders towards the Christians because of what he did. Nero would do things like tie bloody animal skins on Christians and allow wild dogs to attack them. He also burned many Christians on crosses and at the stake.
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finalpaper2 - Final Exam Essay Question #2 Christianity is...

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