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English 1 C recommendation essay - Chen 1 Recommendation...

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Chen 1 Recommendation Essay Looking back in high school, did you ever feel insecure about your body or unsatisfied with your appearance? Many adolescents today go through that everyday. Most adolescents are unsatisfied with their body and would even go through plastic surgery to change it. In recent years, plastic surgery has become a social problem due to the misuse of the surgery. The first plastic surgery performed was during World War I, and it was meant to fix soldiers’ bodies that were damaged during battle. Later, plastic surgery was used on a different level where people started to use the surgery for cosmetic purposes. For instance, during adolescent years there is so much to deal with such as school, relationships, popularity, and boys that can overwhelm them; some teenagers think that if they fix their physical flaws that everything would be perfect (Fertman). Now some adolescents want elective plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebrities while not knowing the severe emotional and physical consequences that can come along with the surgery. However, those opposed to plastic surgery disagree, arguing that some teenagers are emotionally mature enough to make a decision for plastic surgery and know the risks that may be involved. Both sides can agree that plastic surgery may help teenagers self esteem and their insecurities. However, I believe elective plastic surgery should be prohibited among young adults until at least the age of twenty-one when they are emotionally mature enough to make a more rational decision for plastic surgery. Of course this problem did not emerge overnight. Plastic surgery was first introduced in World War I which began in 1914 and ended in1918 (Dempsey).There
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Chen 2 were thousands of soldiers who were killed, and millions more who were severely injured during the battle (Dempsey). During the war, many soldiers had severe wounds that included facial burns, shattered jaws, and broken noses. This caused severe injuries that were new to many of the doctors. Due to medical technological advances, doctors made improvements, in anesthesia techniques and better reflected lights (Dempsey).With all these improvements, it helped plastic surgery be more successful with fewer deaths (American Society of Plastic Surgeons). During the war years of 1915 and 1917, new hospitals opened for plastic surgeons that treated soldiers with injuries (Health and Medicine).Soon, the hospitals became overly croweded due to not enough beds for the patients (Health and Medicine). This led to demands for more hospital beds for the soldiers. Later as there were a high demands for surgical procedures to alter the face more people were introduced to plastic surgery. World War II began in 1939 to 1945; however, the United States did not enter the
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English 1 C recommendation essay - Chen 1 Recommendation...

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