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essay one history - Test #1 Essay question #1 I am a...

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Test #1 Essay question #1 I am a Phoenician from the great Phoenician city of Tyre. It is one of many Phoenician cities. Back home in Tyre, I make a living as a trader, just like many other Phoenicians. We Phoenicians have many great talents, but we are best known for our mastering of the seas. The city of Tyre is one of the main Phoenician cities. It is where my home and trading post is located. Tyre is a city that was located on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea (and on an island just off the shore) in what is called Palestine today. But, back then it was in Palestine was known as Phoenicia. There were a few other major Phoenician cities that existed during the same period as Tyre. Those cities include Sidon, Byblos, Beirut, Arvad, and Sarepta. The city of Tyre did not seem to have bad relations with these other cities. There was competition in some areas for trading of goods and such, but they were mainly the center of trade for large civilizations like the Egyptians and the Hittites. These cities, however, were not the
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essay one history - Test #1 Essay question #1 I am a...

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