Option B rough draft

Option B rough draft - The three women: Beauty, Psyche, and...

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The three women: Beauty, Psyche, and Catherine, have numerous things in common. The two main things that the beauties have in common are their suffering and their love for the beasts. These women go through suffering which then creates the passionate love between the beauties and Beast, Cupid, and Vincent. The guys in the stories help these women transform from their suffering. Their transformation from suffering helps creates love with Beast, Cupid, and Vincent. They try to change the way the beauties think about stuff and leave a big impact on them. Each woman realizes their love for the beasts in different ways, but the outcome of their long awakened love is the same. Beauty, Psyche, and Catherine endure suffering, before being able to accept the love of Beast, Cupid, and Vincent. In the story “Beauty and the Beast”, the nature of Beauty’s suffering is caused by her sisters and her father losing all their valuable possessions. Her sisters just boast about their wealth, and would not talk to anyone that were lower then their status. However, she suffers everyday doing house work for her family, and having no help from her sisters. Beauty had to go to Beast’s home in exchange for her father’s life for picking a rose from
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Option B rough draft - The three women: Beauty, Psyche, and...

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