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191 abstract and literature review Instructor: Shelly Perdomo Idi Amin: Uganda’s Fall into Economic Abyss John Dunn Abstract The significance of this particular research topic was to get a better understanding of the conditions that existed in African countries, and why themes such as violence, oppression and depression are seen so strongly in Sapolskys novel. Narrowing down a subject to an unfamiliar topic, the research conducted looked into the how the malicious former leader of Uganda, Idi Amin affected the economy of Uganda, a once high potential country that had fallen into a steep downfall. Research that was conducted to gather information was derived from a variety of sources that included Sapolskys’ novel, various newspaper articles, magazines, books and other databases that concentrated on the country of Uganda itself along with the profile of its leader Amin. Each of the articles obtained had very similar views on Idi Amin, and Uganda, and they all seemed to build off of one another, each adding more information and a deeper background to
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Unformatted text preview: previous research done. It was clear that the Ugandan people lived in fear of their leader, and it was his sole actions that lead to the downfall of the country. The once prosperous industries within the country were all but destroyed, and many important people who once ran the businesses were quickly exiled. The sources varied widely in specific actions of Amin are that were the cause for the fall of Uganda, but each tied in some element to the other. While reviewing the articles, it is hard to believe that someone did not try to stop this man; however we know that this is not a rare occurrence and even today we have dozens of leaders who rule their countries or groups out of fear. Only time will tell if countries within Africa will be able to stabilize after such rickety times, but judging from the civil wars and dissenting views within the country, it is hard to believe that things will change any time in the near future....
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