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ANTH 1023: Cultural Anthropology Study Guide—Exam 1 Friday, Feb 15 th OVERVIEW of the FIELD I) Defining Anthropology Anthropology Culture Holistic Science II) The Scope of Anthropology Four subfields of anthropology Cultural Anthropology o Ethnography o Ethnology Psychological Anthropology Medical Anthropology Cognitive Anthropology Ethnobiology Biological Anthropology Primatology Paleoanthropology Evolutionary Genetics Forensic Anthropology Archaeology Prehistoric Archaeology Historic Archaeology Bioarchaeology Linguistics Structural Linguistics Psycholinguistics Sociolinguistics Dialectology
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THE NATURE of CULTURE Culture I) Characteristics of Culture II) Mechanisms of Cultural Change Mechanisms of Cultural Change Diffusion Acculturation Globalization Delocalization III) Ethnographic Methods Participant Observation Naturalistic Observation Interviews - Structured/Unstructured Life histories Time allocation analysis Genealogies Key respondents Ethnographic video
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Studyguide1Spring2008 - ANTH 1023 Cultural Anthropology...

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