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Study Guide-2: ANTH1023 Spring 2008 MARRIAGE SYSTEMS I. Forms of Marriage A. Monogamy B. Serial Monogamy C. Polygamy a. Polygyny b. Polyandry D. Group Marriage II. Cousin Marriages and Other Traditions A. Cousin Marriages a. Cross-Cousin Marriages i. Matrilateral ii. Patrilateral b. Parallel Cousin Marriages B. Other traditions a. Bridewealth b. Levirate c. Soroate III. Residence Patterns A. Virilocality B. Uxorilocality C. Bilocality D. Neolocality E. Avuncolocality LANGUAGE and CULTURE I. The Nature of Language A. Language Structure a. Grammar b. Syntax c. Semantics d. Phonetics e. Phonemes f. Morphemes i. Language on Structures 1. Isolating Languages 2. Agglutinating Languages 3. Polysynthetic Languages B. Nonverbal components of Language a. Kinesics i. Emblems b. Proxemics
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c. Silence II. Linguistic Change A. Historical Linguistics B. Language Family C. Divergence III. Preview of Concepts in Language and Culture A. Language and Human Thought a. Linguistic Particularism Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis b. Linguistic Relativity Study of Berlin and Kay on Color terms Ethnosemantics Components of Speech Interaction (performance) B. Regional and Social Dialects a. Creoles b. Pidgins: c. Lingua Francas d. American dialects e. Isogloss C. Sociolinguistics a. Language and Socioeconomics 1. Jargon b. Language and Gender SEX and GENDER I. Sex and Gender Sex Sexual dimorphism Psychological differences Gender Gender stereotypes II. Diversity in Male and Female Roles A. Mead’s fieldwork in New Guinea (1950) B. Gender and Division of Labor a. Murdock’s cross-cultural study (1973)
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Studyguide2Spring2008CulturalAnthro - Study Guide-2:...

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