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Review resume writing resources - Review resume writing...

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• Review resume writing resources found in the Career Services Resource Center or the Library Learning Center. • Make a list of all your work, education, student organizations, athletics, volunteer activities, honors, awards,  hobbies, military experience, etc. Identify the responsibilities, accomplishments, results, skills and qualities developed  or demonstrated as appropriate for each of these activities. • Determine the position(s) you will be targeting. Identify the skills, knowledge, and qualities needed for the  position(s). From your work, education, and extracurricular history, identify the results, skills, knowledge, and qualities  that are transferable to the position(s) you are targeting. ACTION WORDS You may use the following descriptive or action words for  resumes, cover letter preparation and interviewing: Accelerate Accomplish Achieve Acquire Act/Perform Adapt Administer Advance Advertise Advise Analyze Anticipate Apply Appraise Approve Arrange Assemble Assess Assist Assign Attain Audit Authorize Automate Balance Bargain Budget Build Buy Calculate Care Carry Catalog Chair Change Chart Choose/Chose Classify Clean Clerk Coach Collaborate Collect Color Communicate Compare Compile Complete Compose Comprehend Compute Concentrate Conceptualize Conclude Conduct Confront Connect Consolidate Construct/Build Contact Contract Control Convert Cooperate Coordinate Copy Correspond Corroborated Counsel Create Critique Cultivate Decide Decrease Define Delegate Demonstrate Describe Designate Design Detail Detect Develop Devise Diagnose Discover Display Distribute Documented Draft Draw/Drew Edit Educate Employed Encourage Enforced Endure Engineer Ensured Entertain Establish Estimate Evaluate Examine Exchange Execute Exhibit Expedite
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Explain Fabricated Facilitate Filed Familiarize Figure Financed Fit Follow Forecast Foresee Forge Formalize Formulate Gather Generate Govern Grade Grind Grow/Raise Guide Handle Help Hire Identify Illustrate Imagine Implement Improve Improvise Increase Index Influence Inform Initiate Innovate/Invent Inspect Inspire Install Institute Instruct Integrate Interact Interpret Interview Inventory Investigate Judge Justify Lead Lift Liquidate Listen Load Locate Made Maintain Manage Manipulate Market Master Measure Mediate Memorize Mentor Merchandise Model Moderate Modify Monitor Motivate Move Navigate Negotiate Nurture Observe Obtain Operate Order Organize Originate Participate Perceive Perform Persist Persuade Photograph Place Plan Predict Prepare Present Preside Print Problem/solve Process Procure Produce Program Promote Proofread Protect Provide Publicize Publish Purchase Push/Pull Question Rate Read Reason/Reconcile Recommend Record Recruit Redesign Reduce Refer Reinforce Relate Reorganize Repair Report Represent Research Resolve Respond Restore Retrieve Revise Review Scan Schedule Screen Search Secure Separate Select
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Review resume writing resources - Review resume writing...

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