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“World Reaction to Vietnam”, September 14, 1963 Edward R. Murrow, the director of the U.S. Information Agency, wrote this article in 1963. It was in essence an overview of popular media’s reaction to the Vietnam conflict subdivided by geographic area. The briefing was written on September 3 rd , a day after President Kennedy had conducted an interview with Walter Cronkite. During this interview Kennedy expressed how the South Vietnamese leader Diem was quote, “out of touch with his people.” (1) Public opinion of Diem plays a major role in this article. Only two weeks later a coup began to attempt to overthrow the President, culminating in his assassination on November 2 nd . Kennedy himself was assassinated only 20 days later. The document subdivides the world into five regions. They are: Far East, Western Europe, Near East-South Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Far East seemingly is neutral except for Buddhist groups who are upset at the treatment of their people by South Vietnamese troops. There is also a reference to Charles De Gaulle from France; while his comments appear to be critical they seem to have had little effect. Western
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his112documentanalysis - "World Reaction to Vietnam",...

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