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Final Definitions - Terms for Final exam Exam structure 4...

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Terms for Final exam Exam structure: 4 definitions 2 short answers (1 page each) to choose from 1 essay to choose from 2 questions List of 38 definitions/topics for short questions : Abu Nidal group Technically: Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) Named after Sabri al-Banna (under the alias of Abu Nidal): Secular international terrorist organization known for is its 1980’s attacks on Western, Palestinian, and Israeli targets Advocates of the destruction of Israel (preferably through the Has been sponsored by Syria, Libya, and Iraq Opposes Arab-Israeli peace negotiations Al nakba Translation: tragedy and disaster End of the 1948 war for the Palestinians 700,000 – 800,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled Ghurba = exile The majority went to the West Bank and Gaza 150,000 stayed in Israel, but Palestinian urban life evaporated At the same time Jews from the Arab world were escaping into Israel Became a national sentiment, their country disappeared over night cities and towns were renamed, history was rewritten Benign occupation A method of occupation used by Israel on Palestine- without torture or killings Can only be maintained with the presence of a military A term which refers to Israel’s “defense-only” approach A method used in opposition to harsh killings but the same control Very idealistic and unrealstic Black September Escalation of the War of attribution Palestine accelerates war and takes over towns, calling them the “First Arab states” The exodus of the Fatah Black September terrorists founded Fedayeen Armed militias
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Grew from militant elements within the Palestinian refugee population, as a result of the insertion of Israel, and the ensuing loss of their lands and homes Made efforts to infiltrate and strike against Zionists and their allies Members of these groups were largely based within the refugee communities living in Egyptian-controlled Gaza, Jordanian-controlled West Bank, or in neighboring Lebanon, and Syria. Since the mid-1960s and the rise of more organized and specific militant groups, such as the PLO, the word has fallen out of usage Fatah Translation: opening Palestinian National Liberation Movement Fatah is a major Palestinian political party and the largest faction of the PLO Fatahland The PLO moved to south Lebanon and named their camp Fatahland Terrorists went there to train It became the base of international terror Competition among terrorist organizations grows 56 war Also known as the Suez War of 1956 Gaza strip Coastal strip along the Mediterranean Sea Egyptian invasion of the strip set off the Arab-Israeli war in 1948 Became invaded by Palestinian refugees who fled Israel Under Egyptian occupation from ’48-’67 treated it as a controlled territory with a military governor Israel took control again in 1967- 6-days war Gurba Translation: exile Refers to when 700,000 – 800,000 Palestinians fled or were exiled from the country at the end of the 1948 war The majority when to the West Bank and Gaza Gush Emunim An Israeli political movement that sprang from the Six-Day war in ‘67
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