RR#4 - Thinking back to my experiences I really didn’t...

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Deena Malkis Education 293A Career InfoNet Website RR #4 This week I explored the Americas Career InfoNet website. In particular I took a look at fastest growing occupations. This part of the website listed information about the occupations that seem to be becoming more and more popular in this day and age. I learned that a lot of the careers that are becoming more popular have to do with the medical, or science fields, for example, cardiovascular technologists and technicians, or veterinary technicians. I also learned that some of the fastest growing occupations that I had assumed you needed higher education for, only require on the job training: for example, Dental assistants, Medical assistants, and home health aides. The last education level that I looked at, in regards to the fastest growing careers was a bachelors degree and above. In this section there were many occupations which had solely to do with computers and computer engineering.
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Unformatted text preview: Thinking back to my experiences I really didn’t realize that any of these career fields were on the rise. For some reason I actually thought that the amount of people who wanted to work in the health care systems were falling, when in reality it is becoming more and more popular. One career field that I did know was on the rise was computer programming. Which make sense because computers and new technology are becoming more important with each passing day. I think that this information is useful in showing me that there are so many different careers out there that are becoming more and more popular, and that I should not limit myself to those fields that I know the most about. If anything, this information has definitely taught me to research different fields to see how popular they are, and see if there is something else out there that I would really enjoy doing....
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RR#4 - Thinking back to my experiences I really didn’t...

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