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Deena Malkis RR#7 This week, we were asked to read some selections about love. I choose to write my reading response on the first 25 pages of Helen Fisher’s Why We Love . This chapter in the book was mostly about what happens when people are in love. One main point in the chapter is that love is a common thing in a majority of cultures. Most of the chapter compared a survey taken in both the United States, and Japan. This survey mostly concluded that, for the most part, Americans and Japanese people feel the same ways about love. One thing that I learned by reading this chapter was that when people are in love, it is most likely the only thing on their minds. Because of this, they can change habits, sleeping patterns, and even their daily routines. I think that it is interesting that this happens, because I would never had thought that an emotion could be that strong that it
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Unformatted text preview: would make me want to change my whole life and personality. I honestly think that everything that was described in this chapter fits exactly with my experiences. Even though I have not had my own real experiences with romantic love, I have seen many relationships in which people become engulfed in every aspect of their romantic partners. I have seen people change personalities, and not want to be away from their loved ones for very long. I have also seen people become extremely depressed when their love is taken away from them. I think that this whole chapter really helped to explain people feeling about love, and what happens when one is in love. This will be helpful in the future, because, hopefully I will be able to identify that special relationship that I fall in love by recognizing these characteristics of love described in this chapter....
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