RR#3 - training and that Chefs most likely go to a culinary...

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Deena Malkis RR#3 This week I looked at the Dictionary of Occupational Titles website. This website shows many different occupations, and states different information about them. For example the education needed, how much training is needed, and the projected outlook for the future of the occupation. At this website, I specifically looked at the page for Chefs, Cooks, and Food preparation workers. The reason I decided to look at this section is because I believe that I want to do something in this field someday. In looking over the information on this page, I found out that the main difference between chefs, and food preparation workers is that the prep workers are basically doing the hard work for the chefs, and the chefs use the food prep workers to help them set up what they are trying to create. I also learned that fast food, and short order cooks mostly learn from on the job
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Unformatted text preview: training, and that Chefs most likely go to a culinary school. In my opinion this makes perfect sense, because I believe that a short order cook makes things very similar to what the common person can make at home. Something that I didn’t fit with my experiences was the job outlook. It turns out that this field has a pretty good outlook. For some reason I thought that the market was getting smaller, because I have recently seen many restaurants close. It turns out, however that this market sector is increasing in size, and there will be many jobs in the future. This information will definitely be a benefit to me in the future, because now I know that if I truly do want to become a baker or chef there will most likely be jobs for me when I graduate from college. I also now know the education I need to pursue in order to get a better job in the field....
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RR#3 - training and that Chefs most likely go to a culinary...

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