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Deena Malkis RR#6 This week I have decided to do my reading response on chapter 11 in Reich’s The Future of Success. This chapter was about personal choices that people make. This chapter mostly discussed how Americans are choosing to work more, and have less personal time for things other than work. This reading taught me that as times are changing so are peoples perceptions of what success means. It would appear to be that in these days and times people think that success is only about money, so, in order to get money you have to work harder. I definitely agree that it would appear that people are working longer hours. I think it makes sense that people want to make more money, because I believe that today success is, unfortunately, mostly measured by how well you make out money wise. It is unfortunate that it can’t be measured by the good you do for others, or the family that you
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Unformatted text preview: raise. This chapter discussed how social scientists believe that to see what people want, you have to see what they do. I do not agree with this, because, as I said, it is only because of society’s standards that people seem to be working harder. I believe that people truly do want to spend more time with their families, and having leisure time, but because of forces of society it is hard to do this, as well as be successful. The information in this chapter taught me that I will definitely want to make sure that there is a balance in my life between work and family. I think that reading this chapter made me realize that I would rather have family time, and free time then spend all my time at work. I would definitely not want to regret how I spend my life, so it is good to realize what I want out of it before I move forward....
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