LASSI - During the process of doing the LASSI questionnaire...

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During the process of doing the LASSI questionnaire I picked up on some things I may need to improve on and some things that I already have good skills in. My overall outlook on the questionnaire wasn’t so great. I think the test should be taken after a year or maybe a semester of college. The answers that I gave were from previous years in High School. The way I approach college is very different from the way I have approached prior years. I know that this is my only chance to succeed in life. So I need to take every chance to improve myself. I was recently told that our generation basically has no choice but to go to college, in order to get the same jobs as our previous generation. This means that I have to get a degree to get a good paying job to support myself and hopefully my future family. Without a degree in some field of work the pay just isn’t enough to support a family anymore. So I know how important school is in my goals I want to accomplish during my lifetime. The results from the LASSI questionnaire showed that I needed to improve on my attitude, information processing, self-testing, selecting main ideas, use of support techniques, use of time, and test strategies. Then the test showed the skills that I didn’t need much help in were my anxiety and worry about school, concentration, and motivation. I don’t agree with most of the results, again, because that’s the way I used to approach school and not how I approach school now. The test did show some of my weaknesses and they are self-testing, use of time and test strategies. I am willing to work on both of the attributes. I know I need to get organized with my time; I just need to get on a daily schedule. Test strategies to me come from studying
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LASSI - During the process of doing the LASSI questionnaire...

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