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Nutrition worksheet - CHILDREN AND FAST FOOD 1 Why do many...

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CHILDREN AND FAST FOOD 1. Why do many children enjoy fast food? How have your own fast food preferences changed (or not) over time? -Children enjoy fast food because it’s fast and they get food right away. Also, it’s appealing to them. They get a toy when they get food. Ronald McDonald also contributes to the appeal by saying fast food is fun. The playroom, the games, the hosting of birthday parties, all these contribute to why children specifically enjoy fast food. This is why teenagers and adults enjoy fast food because they grew up in fast food. -My fast food has changed over time because I use to live off of fast food. Now, after high school and college, my fast food consumption has dwindled. I very rarely eat fast food and try to maintain a balanced diet due to my health and for some strange reason, I have a high cholesterol level so that was when I decided to majorly end my fast food reign. (it was only 15 points over average, it can’t be that bad.) 2.
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