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Scene starts off in a college library. A young man has just taken his seat at a table and took out his laptop doing meaningless task such as check his email, myspace, facebook, and aim. Suddenly, a girl walks by him going out of class and both their eyes meet. Suddenly, the girl decides to sit at the table behind him. The young man does not notice. While sitting behind the young man, she decides to do a little investigative work. She spies on him for his email address, his myspace, his facebook, and mosti mportatnltly, his aim. This is where their relationship begins. Young woman- (continues to spy on his laptop. After finding out his screen name, she adds him on her buddy list.) *whispers* got it…
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Unformatted text preview: Young man- (continueing to do meaningless task on his laptop while listening to music on his headphones) *message pops up (do you accept message)* Hm? (he accepts the message) (camera zooms in on the message. “It says hi there cutie!”) Young man- *typing* “Why hello there! Who might this be?” Young girl- *thinking to herself* time to find out if he’s taken! *typing* You’re girlfriend! Young man- *typing* Well then, mind telling me which one of my girlfriends you are? Young girl- *thinking* is this guy some type of playa? *typing* guess!? Young man- *little giggles* *typing* I’m kind of busy sweetie… Just tell me? Pwetty pwease? Young girl- *tries to hold in her laughter* *typing*...
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