ATH 155 - Homo Floresiensis

ATH 155 - Homo Floresiensis - Peris Edwards ATH 155 March...

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Peris Edwards ATH 155 March 8, 2008 TIME AND PLACE MODULE – HOMO FLORESIENSIS In 2003, a team of Australian and Indonesian paleoanthropologists and archaeologists discovered Homo floresiensis, a new species of hominin of the genus homo. They were on the island of Flores in Indonesia, searching for proof of human migration from Asia to Australia. On the island, they unearthed the bones of their new species in the Ling Bua Cave. Flores lies to the east of Java, and was most likely never attached to the mainland, meaning its inhabitants were most likely never in touch with other Homo species. Inside the cave, the researchers found an almost complete skeleton which they named LB1 (Ling Bua 1), later nicknamed “Flo”. There were seven more skeletons subsequently discovered. The species as a whole have been referred to as “hobbits” because of their extremely small bodies and brains. LB1 was estimated to be 30 years old at the time of death, and only measured approximately 3’ 3” in height, with a brain the size of an infant’s. H. floresiensis lived between 90,000 and 12,000 years ago. The first skeleton was the only one who could be fully explored in terms of brain size (1/3 of a typical human’s) and sex (female) because of the nearly intact skull that was found, as well as most of the teeth, jaw, a partial pelvis, and two leg bones. The bones were discovered in a state similar to wet paper because of the damp conditions and the length of time they were buried in that spot. The excavation took a long time as the bones had to dry out completely before they could be removed from the ground. The anthropologists determined that the body weighed approximately 35 pounds. Stone tools were found in the cave surrounding the bodies,
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ATH 155 - Homo Floresiensis - Peris Edwards ATH 155 March...

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