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Computer Assignment (10 points) Due April 1, 2008 Minitab applications (instructions page 300 in textbook) 1. The attached file titled “Grapefruit wt – one column.xls” contains weight of grapefruits. a. Create a box plot to determine if there are any outliers. b. Using Minitab, find a 95% confidence interval for µ, σ-unknown. c. Using Minitab, find a 99% confidence interval for µ, σ-unknown. d. Using the standard deviation you found in part b, find a 95% percent confidence interval for µ with σ-known. Compare this interval with the interval found in part
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Unformatted text preview: b. 2. The attached file titled “Batteries.mtw” lists the life, in hours, of 13 randomly selected batteries. a. Using Minitab, find a 95% confidence interval for µ, σ-unknown. b. Delete the battery life of 1049 hours and recalculate the 95% confidence interval. c. Explain the difference in the intervals. Excel application (instructions page 301 in textbook) Repeat part 2 from above using Excel. To start, copy the data into an excel file. Show your results....
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