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Adams Jaime Adams English 1302 Randy Conine October 7, 2007 Analyzing an Argumentative Essay Katha Pollit, in her essay “It Takes Two: A Modest Proposal for Holding Fathers Equally Accountable” (1995) argues that the levels of responsibility between single mothers and fathers are unequal and that single fathers should have just as much accountability, if not more, than single mothers. Pollit supports this argument by giving examples of cases in which single fathers were not held liable. Her purpose is to show her readers a comparison between single men and women in order to encourage them to fight for fair treatment. She uses an informal, satirical tone with her audience of liberal readers to contrast a proposal by a republican politician. Pollit’s argument is very effective in expressing the many concerns of inequality among the responsibilities of single parents. Pollit begins her essay discussing Marion Barry’s quote about parenthood where he says, “When you start asking the government to take care of them (children), the government ought to have some control over you.” She then goes
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argumentative analysis - Adams Jaime Adams English 1302...

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