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Jaime Adams English September 6, 2007 Rhetorical Precis Diane Ravich, in her essay “In Defense of Testing” (2000), suggests that although no one likes to be tested, it is a necessity in order to make sure those that need extra help receive it and aren’t being passed because the tests are made easier. Ravich supports this claim by giving examples in which studeinnts are receiving “dumbed down” tests in order to elevate them to the next level of education, she then goes on to state how this hurts them rather
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Unformatted text preview: than helps them. Her purpose is to make readers realize that test taking is an important in evaluating not only what a student is learning, but also what teachers are teaching and that it should be a fair assessment that is not to be made easy in order to accommodate anyone. She uses an informal, conversational tone with her audience who are questioning the value of test taking in all forms....
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