Skiing2 - Course: Skiing (KINES 011) Review Sheet 1. What...

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Course: Skiing (KINES 011) Review Sheet 1. What is the Mountain Responsibility Code? It is a list of guidelines that ensures the safety of people on the mountain. List several of the guidelines in the Mountain Responsibility Code. To ski at a safe speed and remain a safe distance from other skiers. Also not trying stuff that would harm other people. Having the right of your way, no one could pass you and turn ahead of you, to avoid falls and collisions. Always overlook when entering a steeper slope. Yield to skiers coming from uphill if you were at a stop. 2. List the four basic skills of skiing. Balance Rotary Pressure / control Edging 3. What are the components of a balanced stance? Feet are shoulder-width apart Upper body is quiet Weight is balanced on whole foot Athletic stance 4. What is rotary movement? Rotary movement is using muscles to guide skis in the desired movement. 5. Explain two ways that a skier can put his/her skis on edge. Angulating Inclining What 2 adjectives should describe edging throughout a turn? Smooth, and progressive
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6. What is pressure control or pressure management? Pressure control movements are movements that create, maintain, reduce, or redirect the pressure of the skis on the snow (achieved through leverage, extension, flexion, and transfer of pressure from ski to ski) How does the pressure on your outside ski change throughout a turn (from when you first start a turn until you start the next turn)? At turn initiation, a skier transfers pressure onto the new outside ski and the inside
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Skiing2 - Course: Skiing (KINES 011) Review Sheet 1. What...

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