capote - This was the same with Truman himself It was based...

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Ben Bridges Movie Review 9-19-07 “Capote” Review The movie “Capote” was a dramatic experience. The movie directed by Bennett Miller and produced by William Ohoven and Caroline Baron, stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, and Clifton Collins Jr. . It was released in 2005. The film was viewed in 2007 in a classroom setting. It was in color and based on the book written by Gerald Clarke. In 1959 a popular writer, Truman Capote, learned of the tragic killing of a family in Kansas. It inspired him to write about it. As he deeper into the events, the intrigued he became. Truman and fellow writer Harper Lee dug deep to find more about the criminals. Truman became attached to the story and the writing and moved forward into writing a book. The story plot seemed real with the character Harper Lee being based on a true person.
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Unformatted text preview: This was the same with Truman himself. It was based on true people and events. Everything was depicted accurately. This was a realistic film. The movie itself was to show and explain what it was like for Truman to write “In Cold Blood.” It successfully showed this with great detail. The props, backdrops, and costumes depicted the time period well. It was in the 1950’s and 1960’s that this occurred in New York and Kansas. Overall, the movie “Capote” was a film the kept me watching and never left me bored. The actors and actresses were fit for the parts. The plot did seem slow at times, but kept moving steadily. The idea trying to be conveyed was conveyed clearly. The producer and director did a good job putting the pieces together for this movie....
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capote - This was the same with Truman himself It was based...

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