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Sasha Codero 00717735 December 18, 2007 SOC 160 Sociology Final Terms: 1. The dala is a corporate group that owns a territory used for farming; membership is matrilineal, but residence is virilocal and somewhat complicated (274) 2. Matrilineal is descent traced exclusively through the female line. 3. The Tee is a cycle of competitive exchanges that link up many central Enga clans (230) 4. Molimo- is a celebration when women and men become sexually active in a tribe. The females attack and whip the males that they are attracted to and this is usually an invitation at night after sun down. The guys fight their way through the elima hut and sleep with the girl who whipped them 5. Exogamy is rules requiring selection of a marriage partner from outside a particular group. 6. Baloma is the spirit of the dead in Trobriand society 7. Virilocal is living with husband's family: describes a form of marriage or the custom where, after the wedding, the bride moves to her new husband's family home 8. Kula is the Polynesian custom of ritual friendship and trade; men had friends on other islands who they traveled to visit with and trade with, and gift-giving was a major component of these economic transactions 9. Surplus is the quantity of some thing that remains after activity relating to the production of that thing has been completed, or where the requirement to produce or possess the thing has been met. Anything which is redundant or no longer useful may be described as "surplus to requirements"
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SOC final - Sasha Codero 00717735 December 18, 2007 SOC 160...

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