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Sasha Codero ID #: 00717735 5 September 2006 ECO 103 - Berger Causes of Poverty – The Facts Five causes of poverty Poverty is not just caused by individual experiences but by major inequalities built into the structure of Australian society. Some of the main causes of this inequality and poverty are access to work and income, education, housing, health and services. Poverty is a relative concept used to describe the people in a society that cannot participate in the activities that most people take for granted. ACOSS estimates that two million people live in Many people working and trying to support a family on the minimum wage struggle to meet basic costs of living each week. Despite lowering official unemployment rates, there are also high numbers of people who are out of work or only have a few hours of work per week. 2) Education Low education levels are linked to unemployment and subsequently the risk of living in poverty.Families with low education levels often can not afford to better educate their children and so give them a better chance of a job: 3. Housing People on low incomes rarely own homes and rent is often unaffordable in Australia’s major cities.Housing impacts on a person’s ability to find work, education and training – regions and cities withjobs often have high housing prices and rental rates. Poor housing can also negatively affect a person’s health and wellbelling 4) Health People living in poverty commonly suffer greater levels of physical and mental illness. The high stress associated with living in poverty can also contribute to behaviour which leads to health risks such as smoking, substance abuse and poor diet. Increasing costs for patients in the health care system makes it harder for people to afford health care. In addition, people with disabilities often have higher costs of medication, equipment or aids, appropriate housing, transport and personal care and other services. 5) Services Access to affordable community services is an important poverty prevention strategy by helping disadvantaged people to be more able to participate in social and economic life. These same services are often under strain. 1
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There are 3 major causes of poverty on the globe. 1: Tyranny/corruption 2: Overpopulation (It's just common sense, more natural resources per person, if anyone calls me a malthusian i'll strangle them with their intestines.). 3: Unsustainable energy sources (By natural resources in 2, i meant sustainable resources. A sustainable economy will require a decrease in world population, immigration should be banned with countries that experience population growth.) Structural Adjustment—a Major Cause of Poverty Cutbacks in health, education and other vital social services around the world have resulted from International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank-prescribed structural adjustment policies as condition for loans and repayment. In addition, developing nation goverments are required to open their economies to compete with each other and with
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ECO 103 - Sasha Codero ID #: 00717735 5 September 2006 ECO...

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