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Civil War Test essays - Essay #1 Thesis: Abolitionist...

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Essay #1 Thesis: Abolitionist movement at time of 1830 was beginning to grow stronger and Northerners were becoming exposed to their cause. William Lloyd Garrison had become a known abolitionist for “The Liberator.” Abolitionists began to make public moves forward and more and more Northerners were becoming exposed to what slavery in the South was like, something that they had been previously unaware of. Why did the anti-slavery movement become more radical at this point? - Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison called for the emancipation of slaves immediately in the “Liberator.” - Began started publishing “The Liberator” in Boston, an abolitionist paper. Had low circulation but became widely known because there was a fine for reading it in South Carolina. What factors in Northern culture contributed to the shifting tone and direction? - - Second Great Awakening became popular and abolitionism had many religious ties. “Individuals had the right to be free of pain.” - “The Liberator” coming from Boston, gained much notoriety. - Mid-1830’s abolitionists began attempting to spread their message. Used the mail system to spread their word and Northerners became aware. - 1835, President Jackson took the side of white South Carolina over abolitionists, Jackson called for a law to ban abolitionist literature in the South but it was not passed. - Next thing abolitionists tried was going door to door and engaging in discussion with people. Grassroots work to get people to sign petitions. Petitions were effective because they involved the federal government. -
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Civil War Test essays - Essay #1 Thesis: Abolitionist...

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