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Course Policies for ANT 301 The Anthropology of Religion Spring 2008, Dr. Wedenoja Purpose: This course is an introduction to the anthropological study of religion--to the main questions, concepts, and theories that anthropologists have developed to understand religion in society and from a comparative (or cross-cultural) perspective. We will focus on concepts and theories--on understanding religion rather than describing it--but examples will be drawn from many societies, particularly but not exclusively in the non-western world. The anthropology of religion is largely a concern of cultural anthropology, therefore we will be dealing in the main with living societies rather than with the past. Prerequisite: ANT 226 (Cultural Anthropology) or REL 210 (World Religions) Goals and Objectives: To understand what religion (in a broad sense) encompasses. To understand the range of variation in religion throughout the world, particularly in non-western and pre-modern societies. To understand the roles and functions of religion in society and culture. To understand how religions develop and change. To learn the key concepts and theories used by anthropologists in the study of religion. To become acquainted with key concepts and theories in the anthropology of religion. Required Text: Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion: An Anthropological Study of the Supernatural , 7 th ed. Pamela
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A. Moro, James E. Myers, and Arthur C. Lehmann, eds. McGraw Hill, 2008. Blackboard : Please register on the course page on Blackboard as soon as possible. I will communicate with you through Blackboard and post grades and notes there. Course Outline : The course outline is also on Blackboard and will be updated regularly. Attendance: The University expects students to attend all class sessions of courses in which they are enrolled. The University’s attendance policy can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog and at http://www.missouristate.edu/recreg/attendan.html . You are responsible for anything and everything that is discussed in class, including announcements; therefore it is in your best interest to attend regularly. You should get notes from someone else if you miss a class. During class, I expect you to be attentive and courteous. Talking to your neighbor (or self), eating, sleeping, reading, studying or doing homework during class is not acceptable. Your final grade may be reduced by a letter for such behavior.
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301 Syllabus SP08 - Course Policies for ANT 301 The...

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