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Europe 1900 February 21 - Europe 1900 For Midterm...

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Europe 1900 February 21, 2008 For Midterm – Identifications (3 or 4 tops): Person, dates, significance, rise to power, why do we care about this person? Could be a picture, know what they look like and what their picture says. Ex. Mussolini wearing black, color of the fascist movement. Essay question, choice of two. Big questions like why did World War I happen? There is a lot you can say. Tweak the question to make an argument of what you know. - Suppose Italy had gotten all the territorial demands it made of the allies, would Mussolini have come to power? He bullied his way in, not elected, how? - Mussolini was the beginning of the fascists, March on Rome, the Ras, the Concordant. - History is about interpretation. What do you think while using facts? Basis of Italian fascist power - Italy did not get what it wanted in post-1918 settlements. - Communism more appealing to lower class and farmers, but communism was not that powerful of a movement. - People are afraid of communism, Mussolini good at playing on those fears. - Mussolini assures people there will be no communist revolution in Italy. - Anyone trying to improve things for the working class is opposed by the Squadry and Mussolini. The squadry doesn’t go to far though. - Famous thing about fascism is about focusing on the man/the leader. “Duce” means the leader, big symbol of fascism. -
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Europe 1900 February 21 - Europe 1900 For Midterm...

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